The University Advisory Group (UAG) will proceed with several consultation phases. Phase 1 consultation will consider the role of universities in New Zealand and the shape of the sector to inform the initial report to Government. Subsequent phases will consider quality and excellence in teaching, research and knowledge transfer, efficiency, effectiveness, and adaptability as well as fiscal and policy considerations.

We are now seeking public submissions for Phase 1 for the University Advisory Group. Submissions for phase 1 will close at 11.59pm, Friday 31 May 2024.

Submission guidelines

Submission questions for Phase 1

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Submission guidelines

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Further guidance on making a submission can be found on the Submissions section on the FAQ page.

Submission questions:
Phase 1

Phase 1 consultation will consider the role of universities in New Zealand and the shape of the sector that will inform subsequent phases. It is not intended that we consider operational or fiscal detail at this stage and there are many other issues not considered at this stage. Where possible it may be useful to distinguish short-term issues from longer-term desired outcomes.


  1. What should be the primary functions of universities for a contemporary world?

  1. What should be the long-term shape of the university sector in New Zealand so that it meets these primary roles?

  1. What are the barriers (excluding fiscal) that limit the universities from operating efficiently and effectively for the benefit of New Zealand?

  1. Can the eight universities function better as a holistic system to meet New Zealand’s needs? If so, how to establish a more differentiated yet cooperative sector?

  1. How research-intensive do New Zealand universities have to be? Do they need to be research intensive in all subjects?

  1. What is the appropriate mix of offerings in teaching, research, and knowledge transfer across the system to meet economic, environmental, and social challenges?

  1. What are the most appropriate approaches to ensure excellence in teaching, research, knowledge transfer and community engagement?

  1. How to ensure universities play their role in advancing all segments of New Zealand society without compromising on the goals of excellence?

  1. What is the appropriate size for the domestic student body in the New Zealand universities?

  1. How well are universities performing in the role as critics and consciences of society?

  1. How well are the universities complying with the requirements in the Education and Training Act 2020 with regards to the Treaty/Te Tiriti?
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Further guidance on making a submission can be found on the Submissions section on the FAQ page.