University Advisory Group

The University Advisory Group has been established to provide the government with advice on New Zealand’s university system. Group members will consider challenges and opportunities for improvement in the university sector including:

  • how it serves New Zealand and the size of the system
  • promoting appropriate levels of coordination between institutions
  • ensuring quality in research, teaching and knowledge transfer
  • funding mechanisms and the role of the Performance Based Research Fund
  • ways to best achieve equity for all learners; and
  • the role of international education.

The Group will provide an initial report to the government in August 2024 and a final report in February 2025. Advice from the Group will inform policy changes, ensuring a robust and forward-thinking university system for New Zealand.

Separately, the Science System Advisory Group has been established to provide advice on improving the effectiveness and impact of the science sector in New Zealand. The Science System Advisory Group will also be chaired by Professor Sir Peter Gluckman, who will ensure connections between the two advisory Groups as appropriate.

Terms of reference (PDF 130kb)